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New Product


CTF-001 series 4-20mA modulating type motorized ball valve with high performance,industrial computer core,large output torque,high temperature resistance,can achieve any angle adjustable to control the flow

Suitable for:

1.Major university laboratories,automobile laboratories;

2.Drug production,diesel energy saving;

3.College water-saving system,automatic control system,industrial automation and other small equipment;

4.Environmental protection,water supply and drainage,water treatment works;

5.Where the solenoid valves can not be used normally;water-saving appliance,drinking water equipment.

Operating instruction:

High-performance industrial computer CPU,Large output torque,can work for DN8-DN32 ball valve,input 4-20mA control,feedback 4-20mA signal;

Control accuracy:0.5%-1%;

The electric actuator has two working modes: automatic mode (input signal to control open and close), manual mode (button control open and close);

1. In the manual mode, no operation for 30 seconds, automatically return to automatic mode, receive input 4~20mA signal to control

2. When the input signal is disconnected, or the signal is below 3mA (normal lowest input signal is 4mA), display "OFF" to warn signal disconnect

3. Automatic stop processing the input signal due to abnormal cause less than 4mA or large than 20mA input signal, to prevent valve action over the bit

4. In automatic mode, you can see the size of the input signal at any time(show as a percentage, such as the 12mA display is 50%), convenient for debugging

5. Press the “SET” key to toggle the "automatic / manual" mode, the opening display flashing means manual mode, and can be manually adjusted; press the “SET” key again,the opening display stop flashing means automatic mode

6. In the manual mode, press the “▲” key to open the valve, release the button or valve in fully open position,the valve automatically stop

7. In the manual mode, press the “▼” key to close the valve, release the button or valve in fully close position,the valve automatically stop.