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Time control valve

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Time control valve Timer mode Count down mode
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Product Series:CWX

Product name : Time control valve


1. The POM gear and the metal gear are used to cooperate with each other, and the POM gear is used to reduce the noise of gear transmission at the high speed, and the metal gear is adopted at low speed to ensure the reliability of the gear.

2. Long service life, more than 100,000 switches.

3. Integrated design of electrical limit and mechanical limit, accurate positioning, high consistency, and eliminate the possibility of the actuator connecting.

4. The actuator and valve can be assembled in multiple angles to facilitate the allocation of space.

5. The ball valve adopts the floating seal structure, no leakage, which is suitable for heavy dirt and long period of no action.


1. Regularly watering the flowers, regularly humidify, and regularly drain the equipment.

2. Industrial automatic control small equipment, automatic control system




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Product model



Rated voltage



Working current



Output torque



Open/close time



Control mode




control valve















Count down



Working pressure






Medium temperature



IP Grade






Actuator color


Max1.0Mpa <3W 0-90℃








Brass Connection Size d L H W
Both female thread full port          DN8 8 46 31 0.287
DN15 15 57 38 0.363
DN20 20 71 45 0.444
DN25 23.5 72 49 0.533
Both female thread reduce port DN10 8 46 31 0.286
DN20 15 66 38 0.378
DN25 20 72 47 0.538
DN32 25 86 60 0.75
3-way vertical DN15 12 63 49 0.365
DN20 15 66 53 0.422
Female-male thread full port DN15 15 63 38 0.362
Female-male thread reduce port DN20 15 66 38 0.392
DN32 20 76 50 0.624
Both male thread DN15 15 68 38 0.354
Stainless steel Both female thread full port          DN8 8 46 31 0.294
DN15 15 55 38 0.37
DN20 20 71 45 0.438
DN25 25 72 49 0.547
Both female thread reduce port DN10 8 46 30.5 0.298
DN20 15 63 39 0.443
DN25 20 75 47 0.538




Valve body









Valve ball


Brass/Nickel plated
Brass/SS304 316


Silicon Rubber/NBR/EPDM


PTFE Brass/SS304 316



          Wiring diagram   Voltage:DC9-24V/AC220V


            Note:Red to positive,green to negative,can't be reversed。


            Timer mode valve operation description:

            1. The valve can be set to three time per day, each time to open the valve does not exceed 24 hours, if need to cancel

            the timing , valve opening and closing time will be set to 9999.

            2. The three buttons on the panel are the setting key “SET”, the increase key ▲, and the decrease key ▼
            3. After the valve is power-on, it will start self-test, open the valve automatically once (panel display OPEN),
            close the valve once (panel display OFF).
            4.After the self-test, the valve is normally  closed, the panel shows “00:00”, indicating the valve into the normal working
            condition;  If no key operation over one minute , the valve into energy-saving mode, panel display “.”, can increase
            the key ▲ Or decrease key ▼ to wake up.
            5. Entering the normal state, first adjust the valve time. (Specific steps to see the instructions)
          Count down mode valve operation description:
           1. Can set open and close time, open and close valve time can be set from 1 second to 99 hours ;
           2. The three buttons on the panel are the setting key "SET", the increase key ▲, and the decrease key ▼
           3. When the valve opening time start, the valve automatically opens, panel display “OPEN”; when closing time start,
           the valve automatically shut down, panel display “OFF”; open and close the valve automatically cycle.