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CTF001 4-20mA

Summary information
4-20mA modulating type valve Torque-6NM Full on/off time <30S Can work automatic and manual mode
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Product Series:CTF

Product Name : CTF001 4-20mA



1. Simple design, compact size, 4-20mA adjustment, is the intermediate product connecting civil and industrial valves.

2. The product running state LCD screen is visible and has manual and electric control functions.

3. Adopt all-metal gear transmission, with reliable performance output torque, up to 6NM.

4. Adopt double limit of electrical and mechanical, accurate positioning and high consistency.

5. The connection between the actuator and the valve is ISO5211 standard, and the flange type is F03 and F05, which is convenient for the user to match the valve body.

6. The ball valve adopts the floating seal structure, no drop leakage, which is suitable for heavy dirt and long period of no action.

7. Good sealing performance, the protection grade is IP65.



1. University LABS, automotive laboratories;

2. Drug production, diesel fuel saving, etc.;

3. Small equipment such as water saving, automatic control system and industrial automatic control in colleges;

4. Agricultural irrigation, environment protection, water supply and drainage, water treatment;

5. Water-saving appliances, drinking water equipment, etc.


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Product model



Rated voltage



Working current



Output torque



Full on/off time



Control mode




Modulating type



















Working pressure






Medium temperature






IP Garde



Operation mode


Max1.0Mpa <5W 0-90℃



Automatic mode
Manual mode




Stainless steel Size d L H W
DN15 15 62 55 0.82
DN20 20 71 63 0.893
DN25 25 81 78 0.988
DN32 32 93 84



UPVC Size d L H W
DN15 15 62 55 0.815
DN20 20 71 63 0.953
DN25 25 81 78 1.072



Valve body









Valve ball


Brass/UPVC/SS304 316


Silicon Rubber/NBR/EPDM


PTFE Brass/UPVC/SS304 316



             4-20mA valve modulating type wiring diagrm


            Operation instructions

            High performance industrial computer kernel, large torque output, can drive DN8-DN32 calibre ball valve;

            Input 4~20mA control, feedback 4-20ma signal;

            Control accuracy: 0.5%~1%;

            Electric actuators have two kinds of working status: automatic state (input signal control switch),
            manual state (key control switch);

            1. In manual mode, no operation for 30 seconds, automatic return to automatic mode, receiving input
            4~20mA signal control;

            2. When the input signal is broken, or the signal is lower than 3mA (the standard is the lowest,
            normal is 4mA), the warning of "OFF" is displayed;

            3. Automatically eliminate the input signal of the input signal below 4mA or greater than 20mA due
            to abnormal reason to stop the valve operation;

            4. In the automatic state, you can check the input signal size at any time (in the form of percentages,
            such as 12mA display is 50%), so as to facilitate on-site debugging;

            5. Press the button 1 to switch "automatic/manual" mode, and the opening displays the flicker when the
            representative switches to manual mode, which can be manually adjusted;Once again press the button 1,
            the opening display stop flicker, switch to automatic mode;

            6. In manual mode, press the button 2 to open the valve, release the key or open the position valve
            to stop automatically;

            7. In manual mode, press the button 3 to close the valve, release the button or close the valve
            to stop automatically.


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