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TF-W2 Wireless Temperature Control Valve

Summary information
Wireless temperature control valve Torque-3.5NM On/off time < 10S
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Product Series:TF

Product Name:TF-W2


Instructions of function

1. Wireless temperature control valve is divided into wireless temperature controller and  smart valve, controller including motor drive and wireless communication part

2. The controller senses the environment temperature, and the valve and the thermostat are transmitted by wireless communication module, so that the installation is convenient and the construction is simple

3. The controller open and close the valve according to the environment temperature

4. Smart valve can transmitted through MBus wires to the collector to control the valve open/close, to achieve the purpose of indoor thermostat

5. Real-time display the indoor temperature, open/close state and the default prompt function

Instructions of valves

1. Work voltage:DC12V or DC24V 

2. Wireless radio frequency: 430 ~ 434MHz;
3. The current temperature is lower than the set temperature (set temperature :-1), then the inside wireless control module implement command of” Opening” and the valve be open;

4. The current temperature is higher than the set temperature (set temperature :+1), then the inside wireless control module implement command of” Closing” and the valve be closed;

5. The valve keep open position when power-off;

6. The valve will keep open position as soon as the controller is more than 10 min without receiving the remote control of the wireless synchronization signal;

7. The controller update to detect the current temperature per 3 secs;

8. The controller just power -on without remote control, the valve keep opening position;

Instruction of controller

1. Power:2* AAA batteries;

2. Wireless radio frequency: 430 ~ 434MHz;

3. Wireless transmission distance ≥ 200m (open area);

4. Range of temperature setting : 4 °C ~ 50 °C;

5. Range of the induction temperature range: 0 ° C ~ 70 ° C;

6. The accuracy of sensor : ± 0.5 ° C;

7. Setting of Beijing time;

8. Setting of the required temperature;

9. The "ON-OFF" on controller is means that to open or close the the temperature judgments of the controller, not equal to open and close the valve;

10. The “OFF” on controller is means that to close temperature control function (equivalent to set the temperature of 99 ℃), the actually implement to “Opening” command and keep the valve to open position;

11. The controller received the wireless synchronization signal and update the latest control state per 3 minute;

12. The controller and the control module inside valves is one to one, real-time and re-code;



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Product model



Rated voltage



Working current



Output torque



Open/close time



Control mode




























Medium temperature



Environmental temperature






IP Garde


Max1.0Mpa <6W <100℃








Brass Connection Size d L H W
Both female thread DN20 20 99 55 0.431
DN25 25 110 60 0.591




Valve body









Valve ball




Silicon Rubber/NBR/EPDM


PTFE Brass



             Wireless temperature control valve wiring diagram


            Note:Red and blue wirew are for power,green and yellow wires are for MBUS。



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