Core concept layer

Core values: virtue, pragmatism, innovation, win-win, down-to-earth, moral pioneer, common development.


Enterprise vision: the company will become the most competitive group company by relying on investment  management services and adopting diversified development path.


Enterprise mission: to create wealth, create satisfaction, create a platform, create  harmonious, we as a society to create wealth, create value for customers, create development for  employees, make the efforts of the social welfare,help resource saving and environment friendly two geared  to the needs of social development,and actively promote social harmony


Enterprise spirit: honesty, pragmatism, boldness, tolerance and tolerance

Tianfei High-Tech

Enterprise strategy: specialization, scale and science and technology, focusing on product innovation,focusing on quality improvement,professional skills,professional division of labor, and promoting the  leap-forward development of enterprises. Through diversified expansion channels,expand the enterprise scale,strengthen the enterprise's strength,promote the big development enterprise.Through rich patent technology,strengthen scientific research team, improve scientific research safeguard, promote the level of enterprisescience and technology. 

Enterprise business philosophy

Brand concept: a middle route, a world.


Management philosophy: profession, efficiency, service and specification.


Scientific concepts: on the basis of science and technology, innovation as the soul and pays attention to scientific and technological innovation,respect for science,respect the law,pay attention to theapplication  of scientific and technological achievements transformation, is committed to promoting the integration of enterprise through the power of science and technology strength


Team philosophy: smart sharing and collaborative development and goals, inspiring people to be united.




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