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---  Transport requirement

Ensure that the packaging of the equipment meets the requirements of the contract, the logo is clear

and unmistakable, and the goods are safety delivered to the site in time.

---  High quality and fast transportation service

To better ensure the normal operation of the valve, answer user questions raised in time, to help users

solve the problem, the company sales department and after-sales department have a telephone, is responsible

for the valve technology consulting services. The after-sales center is responsible for providing technical

consulting services to customers free of charge. Company maintenance center has 8 hours of telephone service,

and there is a corresponding professional staff to handle users' communication, so as to ensure timely technical

support in the process of using the equipment .Telephone: 022-85685296, (+86) 18920779351.

---  Visit customers regularly every month.

Our company makes the revisit system to be one of routine maintenance work, namely the company

organizes monthly staff to receive the customer revisit. And listen to the problems and suggestions

of the user maintainer, and continuously improve the hardware and software functions and quality

of the products.


---  The quality assurance period

Warranty period: the warranty period under the contract is 12 months after the successful installation

and commissioning. Warranty period (except natural disasters and man-made damage) parts, components cost,

free maintenance of the supplier.


---  Lifetime maintenance to ensure user benefits.

Under normal conditions (excluding natural disasters and man-made damage), the warranty is guaranteed

for one year. The company provides a lifetime of paid service outside the warranty period.

---  Establish user profile and improve product quality.

Company maintenance center in addition to the technical consultation and after-sales services to return,

is also responsible for acceptance and collect user complaints consulting information, ensure that the user

questions and requirement can get timely treatment, and the processing status tracking and validation. At

the same time, we set up the user records to record the usage of the products and provide the basis for the

quality improvement of the products in the future. We will continue to strive for excellence and provide

customers with the most satisfactory products and services.


---  Requirements and Suggestions

As user of Tianjin Tianfei High-Tech Valve Co., LTD., we thank you for your trust to our

company, if you have any suggestions about our products and requirements pls inform us in time, at the

same time should be use according to the operating instructions and manual of all kinds of products of the

company by the regular maintenance, valve malfunction should inform our company maintenancer to do timely 

found and timely treatment, and make the equipment operation station daily record, we believe that through

the communication and cooperation, will maintain good equipment




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