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TF-IV RF Remote Control Valve

Smart heating valve External battery easy change
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Product Series:TF

Product Name:TF-IV


1.Intelligent management, realize the prepaid charge management.

2.Data memory: the card can remember the warm valve data and can transfer it to the administrator, enable easy management.

3.Low power supply protection: the valve will be closed automatically when find the low power supply meanwhile data saved.

4.Self-inspection: regular test to protect valve from rust.

5.“Normal mode” and “energy conservation mode”, decided by administration section.

6.Unique online charging system, easy to realize station and sub station communication, make card and read data.

7.Low temperature protection function ,to prevent the pipe be cracked when valve closed in a lower ambient temperature

8.RF card, without any electrode exposed, well damp-proof and easy to use.

9.User card with double key encryption, one card one password.

10.Remind user to charge the card when remaining time is not enough. Remind user to change battery when low power

11.Data reading function: when user goes to administration center to charge the card, the accumulated warm consumption volume and battery status can be read by administration center.

12.Display function:purchase volume, remaining volume and accumulated consumed volume can be displayed on the LCD screen, and user can check the remaining and consumed volume of the meter via the card.

13.The M-BUS remote control card-swiping valve is applicable to “188 protocol standard”, and auxiliary products of heat metering reform.


It is used to measure and control the heating situation of the users, so that the users are freely 
distributed and controlled by the users (energy saving application), and the unnecessary waste is reduced


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Product Model









Static work


LCD display



















external battery 

easy for replacement




Valve size

Working pressure

Working environment

IC card type

Nominal flow rate










2.5 m³/h

3.5 m³/h

6 m³/h






Brass Connection Sizes d L H
Both female thread full port DN15 15 57 38
DN20 20 71 45
DN25 23.5 72 49
Both female thread reduce port DN20 15 66 38
DN25 20 72 47
DN32 25 86 60





Valve body









Valve ball


Brass/Nickel plated

Silicon Rubber/NBR/EPDM PTFE


Brass/SS304 316






Operation instructions:

This valve timing and purchases are in hours, purchases of card case, energy-saving valve users every brush user card   

will move a valve (" on "or" off "), ordinary users only valve after purchase and warm card for the first time the valve

opens, then charge when the valve is not action, but shows the basic information.

1. Display and reading instructions.

The largest display of LCD screen is 99999.5.There is a decimal behind the decimal point, which represents the ten-digit

number of minutes (no single digits), and the point in front of the decimal point is an hour.

.0 represents 0-9 minutes,.1 represents 10-19 minutes, and so on.For example: display 5.4 indicates any number in 5 hours

40 to 49.

2. Account opening: after the valve is installed, the valve can be opened only after the user card is opened.

3, Users buy warm: users will buy too warm user card (for the first time to buy warm) on the meter of the radio frequency

induction zone, the module will be displayed as shown in figure 1, "" (as shown in figure 1) indicate are exchanging data,

then according to the new as shown in figure 2, the valve will open automatically at this moment. 




Figure 1  exchanging data  

figure 2 buy one hour this time



4, the method of reading: user want to see her with warm situation at ordinary times, put the user card in the valve

of radio frequency induction zone awaken the LCD panel, then the valve will shut down automatically (energy saving),

then in turn on the LCD panel shows you the latest cumulative amount of residual amount, a new, as shown in the figure

below, the parameters such as the valve closed at this time, please brush user card again, the valve will automatically

open (energy saving).




(valve in action)


(The cumulative amount is 107 hours and 20-29 points.)




(Show this new purchase for 30 hours.)

(Show the remaining amount is 55 hours, 50-59 


5. Credit card error: if the user swips the card too fast or fails to put the best position in the credit card, it will display

the wrong card character and then display the accumulative, residual and new water purchase.(when this happens, don't worry,

users won't cause any damage, and please re-swipe the card) as shown in figure 3.


(Figure 3 card error message.)

6. Closing valve alarm:

(1) insufficient remaining quantity.

When the remaining quantity decrease to the alarm (alarm set by management department), will automatically close the valve,

in time to buy warm remind users, users can use your user card to continue with warm card to open the (when applicable)

management department set up the overdraft amount, when the valve after continue to use the overdraft amount automatically

shut up, will not be able to use user card to open. Only after the warm users to buy prepaid phone can open the valve to

continue with warm, and minus have been using the overdraft of time.


(Figure 4 shows an overdraft of 30.)

(2) Battery shortage:

When there is lack of electricity battery voltage is lower than the set value of valve, the valve will shut down automatically,

available at continue with warm user card to open the valve, after 48 hours, if not replace the battery, will completely shut

valve, only can open the valve, after replace the battery when the battery power shortage should be timely notification to the

management department to replace batteries. The module will automatically prompt when the power is missing (see figure 5)


(Figure 5)


7, Troubleshooting tips: when the valve failure (such as: because the weather is too cold, the valve is icy) or for other

reasons cause the malfunction of the valve at this time will be displayed on the LCD screen defective tip (as shown in

figure 6), it should be resolved timely response to the management department.



(Figure 6)


8. User card: after the user card is lost, please reissue a user card to the management department.

9. Malfunction and troubleshooting:

(1) card error occurs when swiping card: please swipe again.

(2) valve closing: please refresh the card, and when the "power shortage" is displayed, please go to the management department

to ask for replacement of the battery;When displaying "please recharge", please go to the management department to buy warm.


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